Meet Paula


Hi there! I’m Paula (Hendricks) Marsteller. As I write in Confessions of a Boy-Crazy Girl: On Her Journey from Neediness to Freedom, God really does transform broken people into beautiful trophies of His grace. I know, because He did it in me. Thanks to Him, I am now dead to sin, alive to God, and in Christ Jesus (Romans 6).

My life has changed a lot since Confessions was released. I met and married Trevor Marsteller (God did it!), moved to New York, and gave birth to our son, Iren Daniel. We attend a great church in Syracuse and love hosting people in our home.

I’m still writing for Revive Our Hearts with Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth, where I’ve worked for over twelve years now (whew!). I also enjoy blogging and speaking on the side.

As you poke around this site, I pray that my words (and ultimately God’s Word!) will bring you life, healing, and freedom. Thanks for dropping by!

PS: If you have any Spanish-speaking friends, they can read some of my articles in Spanish over on And your French-speaking friends can read some of my articles in French over on Disfrutar & jouir!

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