Freebie Friday: Confessions of a Boy-Crazy Girl

Freebie Friday: Confessions of a Boy-Crazy Girl

All this week on the blog I’ve been sharing my story from “boy-craziness to my man.” If you missed the details, ironically God used my book, Confessions of a Boy-Crazy Girl, to kick off my friendship with my future hubby.

So now that I’m getting married, will I be leaving the message of this book far behind?

Not on your life.

The message of Confessions will be just as relevant for me as a married woman as it was for me as a single woman.

How so?

Because married or single, my hope is still in God, not in a man. After all, as Jani Ortlund says, “Marriage is an unconditional commitment to an imperfect person.” Only God is perfect and will never disappoint me.

If I look to my future hubby (or you look to a potential boyfriend) for our worth, identity, or happiness . . . we will end up bitter, angry women. As one pastor often said, “What you idolize you will eventually demonize.”

But if we continually pursue and are satisfied in the far-surpassing treasure that Jesus Christ is, we will be able to love our guy when he’s acting wonderful . . . and when he’s being a pill.

Confessions of a Boy-Crazy Girl is ultimately a book about the “little g” gods (idols) we worship—and how we can move from worshiping worthless gods to worshiping the one true, living God.

Married or single, you’ll benefit from the message of this book.

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  • Moriah Mari

    Hey Paula! Thank you so much for sharing this story!!
    I pinned an image.:)

    • Joy Riverez

      Howdy Paula!!! Love all your doing and your blog is so encouraging, huge fan over here in Australia ♥️ I shared your image, blog, and book trailer. Bless ya!!!

      • phendricks

        Thanks so much, Joy!

    • phendricks

      Dear Moriah,

      You’re the lucky winner! Thanks for pinning an image. 🙂

      Would you send your mailing address to me at so I can send you a copy?



  • Stephanie

    Hey Paula – I love your book and would love to have my own hard copy. I shared the book trailer on Twitter (

    • phendricks

      Thanks so much, Stephanie.

  • Hannah Gabrielle

    Hello, Paula! Thank you so much for sharing your story – it’s been such an encouragement to me.

    I shared the book trailer and pinned an image to Pinterest. Thanks for the opportunity!

    • phendricks

      Thanks so much, Hannah!

  • Cristina Galvan

    Hi paula!!!!
    Thanks so much for being an encouragement to me! Especially in this season of my life. I shared your website and your book trailer:)
    Also thanks for following back on Twitter!

    • phendricks

      Thanks so much, Christina!