What Christian Guys Think of Makeup

You loved “What Christian Guys Think of Flirting” so much I thought I’d poll my guy friends on another girly topic: makeup. (You might be surprised by their take on the subject!)

“I don’t have a problem with makeup, but I think it should be used tastefully. Light makeup is usually the best.”

“No makeup: totally ok.
Some makeup: totally ok (personal preference).
Tons of makeup: tacky.

“Girls shouldn’t approach makeup with the thought of trying to add something to their physical appearance for the sole purpose of being more physically attractive.

“The greater focus when it comes to thinking about physical appearance and attractiveness should not be on the external, but on the internal and spiritual (1 Pet. 3:1-5). That said, I think it is totally possible for a girl to wear makeup while not unduly craving a more attractive physical appearance.”
—Trevor M.

“I’ve known many girls who have become super self-obsessed when it comes to makeup. At that point, they’re not really doing it to bless others but probably more from pride or fear.

“I like it when girls wear makeup. I think it shows they take care of themselves. It can be over the top, though, and when it gets too excessive it’s more of a turn-off for me.
—Trevor J.

“Honestly, and maybe surprisingly, I don’t really think makeup is a big issue. However, I think makeup use can reveal heart issues very easily, and so we can tend to call makeup the problem, instead of addressing the deeper issues like:

1) Someone always has to feel like they ‘look good,’ or they stress out.
2) They talk a lot about how they look bad when they don’t have time to put makeup on.
3) One of their main concerns is how they and others look, not who they are, and much of their conversation revolves around those two things.

“When I see these things—along with a lot of makeup—the girl is usually dealing with a lot of insecurity. I will usually not spend much time with these girls, because of the chance that they will try to find security in me.

“If their makeup use shows that they are not content with the way that God made them, I believe that they don’t really know that God loves them for who they are. Therefore, they won’t believe that other people love them for who they are.

“Makeup, done for the right purpose, looks great! However, makeup will never cover up insecurity or bad character. I wish girls knew how attractive God made them to be to us! Godly girls are beautiful inside and out! So . . . trust that God and others will love you for who you are and not how you look. And then use however much makeup you want to.

“The root issue is where we (guys included) are finding our identity and worth. If we are finding these in our appearance or in our acceptance by the opposite gender rather than in Christ, we cannot manage our appearances correctly. (Snap! I just preached a sermon to myself.)

“If the heart is in the right place, makeup is more of a preference thing. Some girls look awesome without makeup. Some look awesome with it. Personally, I think a lot of girls overdo it; I tend to think simpler is better. But that’s just my personal preference.”

“Inward beauty is much more important than outward beauty (1 Pet. 3:4). That being said, I like it when girls take care of themselves. I like it when girls use makeup to enhance their natural beauty. In my opinion, if a girl does her makeup right, I shouldn’t notice it. The makeup won’t be distracting. Ultimately, it’s not about the makeup. It’s about your heart. If your focus is first on pleasing Jesus, and then you want to wear makeup, then great, go wear makeup.”

I hope you found their thoughts helpful! I’m curious: are you a no-makeup, some makeup, or tons of makeup kind of girl? What makeup are you sure to apply before you leave the house?

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  • Amber Meigs Drummond

    I’m a some makeup kind of girl. I do the whole routine, but I don’t wear crazy, heavy colors. Wearing makeup makes me feel “put together,” especially if I’m going somewhere. If I’m just going to the store close to home, I put on either mascara or eye liner, and blush.

    I really liked getting some insight from the guys. And, I loved your book! We are currently passing it around our Sunday night Girls Gone Wise class. 🙂

    • phendricks

      That’s so encouraging, Amber! Thanks for letting me know. I loved “Girls Gone Wise” . . .

  • John Cook

    Paula, what a great article! I absolutely agree with these brothers. I believe makeup is okay as long as it is not overdone. Personally, I don’t like makeup because so many ladies buy into this worldly thinking that they are not beautiful enough, and then they cake it on. I have seen the use of it that it makes them scary looking to me. Then, they start asking guys, how do I look? Am I beautiful? Then, they get no response, and start dressing certain ways which then can cause men to lust after them. Guys like myself ask, are you confident in who you are in Christ? For me, I would rather look at a beautiful lady without makeup, and say you are beautiful in every way. Makeup is not wrong entirely, and should only be used to enhance your beauty as God created you to be. (Psalm 139: 13-17) I am not dating a lady for her makeup on her face for special occasions, but to see her at any time even in her worse. I rather see the character of Christ in her, and if she wants to serve others with the Love of Christ with honesty, kindness, care, concern, thankfulness, gratitude, and most of all respect for herself and others. 1 Samuel 16:7 says that man looks on the outward appearance, but God looks at the heart. So ladies, I am not looking to date/marry your make-up, but date/marry your inner beauty with your natural beauty and the character of Christ in you. Be confident in who you are as a lady, and you will win a true gentleman’s heart for sure. 🙂

    • phendricks

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts, John!