Little Is Big with God in the Mix

Ever thought you were “above” a certain task? Ever despised the “little” things (or people)? Yeah, me too. But that just shows I don’t have a clue. “Little” is BIG with God in the mix!

What if you were to give that “little” thing in your life–that thing that seems unglamorous or less than–your all today, knowing God is in the business of transforming little into much?

Would you share your “little thing” below so we can all join you in asking God to multiply it for His fame and renown?

PS: Catch my interview today and tomorrow on FamilyLife Today as I talk with Dennis Rainey and Bob Lepine about parenting girls (especially the ones you don’t think are boy-crazy!).

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  • Cathy Magee

    My job is not very “glamorous”, as I am a school lunch lady and I also work part time for a caterer. There are many times as I’m cleaning tables, doing dishes, throwing away people’s garbage, getting greasy from the fryer, etc. etc. that I have had a grumbling spirit. Thank you for putting it in a much better perspective and that I will try and remember that I am supposed to do my job as unto the Lord! (and with a glad spirit!) Thank you!

    • phendricks

      Dear C Magee,

      I look up to women like you. Seriously. When I see a Christ-follower doing things like wiping off the table, my respect for her just climbs. ‘Cause she’s imitating her Savior (Phil. 2:3-11).

      Grateful for you,