Redefining a Crummy Day

Redefining a Crummy Day


Exhibit A, Your Crummy Day

“How was your day?” your mom hollers from the laundry room as she separates towels from underwear, sheets from jeans.

“Crummy,” you snap as you pillage the fridge for . . . well, something more than mayonnaise, a bag of carrots, or a carton of eggs. You’ve got to be kidding, you mutter under your breath, turning to the cupboards.

Exhibit B, A Better Day

“How’s it going?” your friend asks, her voice muffled from inside her locker, searching for her chemistry book.

“Great,” you exclaim as you turn to her, a giant smile spreading across your face. “This has been the best day ever!”

Have you ever stopped to think about what makes a good day . . . good? Is it an A on your World History quiz or a Facebook “like” from that guy who’s never far from your mind?

How about a crummy day? Is it waking up ten minutes before the bus comes or spilling orange juice on your favorite shirt?

Well, what if . . .

What if a good day has nothing to do with your circumstances?

What if a good day is waking up alive?

What if a good day is knowing you’re never alone, no matter how lonely you feel?

What if a good day is remembering that the best is yet to come?

Most of the time, our definition of a crummy day isn’t really all that crummy in light of God’s goodness to us.

What if a good day is not based on how much you accomplish, but on how much Jesus accomplished for you on the cross?

What if a good day is knowing that every crummy circumstance that crosses your path is something God promises to work together for your good and His glory?

What if a good day isn’t attention from a guy or affirmation from your boss, but the steady, constant love of your heavenly Father?

What if . . . what if this day isn’t all that crummy after all?

This is the day the LORD has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it (Ps. 118:24).

(Interesting timing . . . just as I was polishing off this post, I heard of a friend’s son who lost thousands of dollars after unknowingly buying a stolen vehicle. Turns out there are crummy days. Really crummy days. I don’t mean to downplay that. I just think that most of the time, our definition of a crummy day isn’t really all that crummy in light of God’s goodness to us.)

How about you? How do you usually define a “good” or a “crummy” day?


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